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3 ways to transition into spring

Oh, yes, we’re quite ready for spring. Mother Nature has been a tad temperamental in southwest Ohio, and there is no need yet to officially pack up the winter gear and (with great glee) put it in storage.

The best news, however, for this time of year: The items you’re wearing now can easily carry over into spring and even summer. Think transitional apparel to get you from snow shoveling to outdoor gardening.chan luu scarf mother's dayBSZ-3750WEBCHAMIX-ACK_001__59302_1386078462_200_300FullSizeRender 2

Here are three ways to elegantly and effortlessly cross
the fashion bridge from winter to spring:

1. As higher temperatures drift in, get more miles out of your favorite booties. You can abandon the heavy tights. Just pair your ankle boots with a boho-chic dress or even a pair of shorts, and you have a spring-worthy look.

2. Let this be your style mantra: Scarves are the ultimate transition accessory. Switch things up by adding a colorful scarf to your cold-weather outfits.

3.. Accessorize! Jewelry is the easiest way to transition any winter outfit into spring. Bold, chunky, colorful, statement pieces brighten dark sweaters and plain colors.



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