Fall fashion

5 fall style transitional tips

OK, the weather at this time of the year is beyond beautiful but a wee bit crazy. Case in point: At the ballet performance of “Cinderella” last night, I noticed sandals, boots, sundresses and sweater dresses. All were lovely fashion choices, of course, but truly indicative of the now-it’s-hot, now-it’s-cold swing pattern Mother Nature is stubbornly locked into.

In order to brave the temperature swings, I have five tips for letting your summer wardrobe help you smoothly transition into fall:

  1. Creatively layer your looks. Take your favorite summer dress and add leggings or a scarf that can also be worn as a shawl. Or top your dress with a cardigan or a lightweight jacket and add a leather belt. Ankles boots, too, and a jean jacket will carry warm-weather frocks into autumn.
  2. Update your nail polish and lipstick. Try jewel tones, heavy metals or soft neutrals on the nails. Or go for a high-impact red on the lips to kick off the holiday season with elegance. A crimson pout is exceedingly chic.
  3. Move from sandals to ankle boots, oxfords and loafers. Menswear-inspired shoes
    again are all the rage this season. Pair these must-haves with lace or silk to keep a feminine spin.
  4. Inject deeper colors into your fall wardrobe and slowly move away from the more summery pastels. Add black and gray into your palette. Call upon some earth tones as well. And embrace gorgeously rich colors such as plum, cherry wine and lush emerald.
  5. Turn to printed blouses for a crisp autumn look. Let these pieces replace the summer T-shirt.IMG_9061IMG_9113 IMG_8631IMG_91280E9A5714