Fresh and reinvented at 25!

Fashion Scout has been busy in 2016!

You’ve probably noticed, but we have reinvented and rebranded Get Dressed! Boutique for our 25th year in business. Not only did we redo the exterior with new signage, we revamped the interior and created a new logo as well to keep us fashion-forward in every way.  In addition to our new designer labels in clothing, jewelry, shoes and accessories, we have also kept the classic brands women of all ages appreciate.

We just love the Lola Hats!

As we approach this milestone in September, Tracey and the GDB Girls have set their sights high so the boutique can move forward to meet the fashion needs of another generation.
VIVO Studios

“We are a boutique that offers something for everyone, their mother, themselves and maybe even their daughter,” says Tracey.

And as you enjoy the fresh and modern spin at Get Dressed, please also keep this in mind: The boutique is busy planning a celebratory season for this fall!