Get Dressed! on “Living Dayton” today

I am simply thrilled to report Robin was on a style segment on WDTN’s “Living Dayton” today. She and TV host Katie Kenney talked about the many ways women 5’4” and under can look taller and/or thinner.

Here is a recap of what Robin and Katie talked about:

  1. Manage your assets. Play up your features features — the one people always compliment you on. If you have a tiny waist, then make sure you show if off with a belt or a surplice top or dress. If your booty is cute, then definitely show if off with form-fitting skirts, leggings, pants and jeans.
  2. Consider your rearview. You want no junk in your trunk. Stand before a three-way mirror and make sure your outfit reveals no muffin top, bulges. Think of refining your rearview.
  3. Nude heels are a fashion must-have for the petite girls. As Vanessa Freeman pointed out on one of our “Living Dayton” style segments, nude heels elongate the legs and the desert neutrals are so incredibly hot for spring as well.
  4. The fitted blazer is essential for work and play — as are the right accessories. It can hide your tummy, if that is an issue, and it also bisects your booty.
  5. Choose your jeans wisely. Say no to a lot of bling and stitching on the pockets. Look for jeans that have built-in slimming properties.