THE FLAVOR OF MARKET: The Tastes. Tracey and Robin had a glorious and invigorating time earlier this month in NYC as they breezed through the accessories market. They have been enthusiastically chatting about the flavors of the foods they enjoyed during the market for spring-summer. Hands-down favorite snack at the food court at market? The Pecorino-Rosemary Popcorn. Divine! And the fave for an entree? The Four-Corner Proscuitto-Asparagus Pizza. (Robin says she could eat pizza and popcorn everyday.) The GDB Girls are on a manhunt for these recipes. (Tracey wants to try to replicate the recipe in her own kitchen.) In the meantime, Robin found a score in the recipe department from this neat and very pretty website: #getdressedstylePecorino Popcorn