EILEEN FISHER chambray Bateau Dress

Tip No. 1: Manage Your Assets

Let’s face it. If you’re 5’4” like me or shorter, then you most likely yearn for a couple of extra inches. Pants always seem to need hemming. Grocery shopping is a challenge because what you want is inevitably on the top shelf. And it’s kind of easy to feel lost in a madding crowd.

But fear no more, my fellow fashionistas, as I have some tricks to make you look taller … and slimmer. It’s all about creating an optical illusion through wise fashion choices.

Here is the first of my five favorite ways for petite girls to stand out:

  1. Manage your assets. Play up your best features — the ones people always compliment you on. If you have a tiny waist, then make sure you show it off with a belt or a surplice top or dress. If your booty is cute, then definitely highlight it with form-fitting skirts, leggings, pants and jeans.

Be sure to check out my second tip in tomorrow’s Fashion Scout blog.